Directions to Libraries and Collections

The Burke Library is located on the campus of Union Theological Seminary on the northwest corner of Broadway and 121st Street .  A map can be found here. From International House you can simply walk from Riverside Drive and take a left on West 122nd Street. Then take a right on Broadway and enter at the main entrance at 3041 Broadway at West 121st Street. For those coming from downtown, take the #1 Train Uptown to Broadway and 116th Street, and walk uptown to West 120th. Cross Broadway, walking west, and then walk uptown to the main entrance at 3041 Broadway and West 121st Street.


The Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street (between Park and Madison Avenues). The closest subway stops are at Fifth Avenue/60th Street (N, R & W trains). We will be coming from Union Theological, and so will need to take the #1 Train Downtown from West 116th Street  to West 42nd Street and the then N or R Uptown to East 60th Street.  Another route would be to take the #1 Train Downtown to 59th Street and Columbus Circle and to walk across Central Park South to Fifth Avenue and then uptown one block and turn right on East 60th Street. The Grolier Club is on the north side of the street.


Hispanic Society of America, Audubon Terrace, Broadway between 155 and 156 Streets. From the Upper West Side, take the #1 Train Uptown from West 116th Street and Broadway to 157th Street. Walk South on Broadway to the Hispanic Society.  Turn right into the complex, and then look for the entrance to the Museum.  It will be on your left.


Metropolitan Museum of Art: located at East 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue, easily accessible by the M4 bus from the Upper West Side or by the #6 Train to East 77th Street and Lexington Avenue.  When you exit at East 77th Street walk five blocks north to East 82nd Street and turn left until you get to Fifth Avenue, where you will see the museum.


Morgan Library. From 365 Fifth Avenue, turn right onto Fifth Avenue and then right onto East 35th Street and walk one block east to Madison Avenue. Then turn left onto Madison and walk uptown two blocks. Turn right on East 37th Street. Enter through the staff entrance at 24 E. 37th St. at 1:45 PM. Sign in with the guard and wait for Roger Wieck to meet us.

After the presentation by Roger Wieck, we can view his exhibit “Illuminating Faith: The Eucharist in Medieval Life and Art” at the Morgan from 4 to 5 PM.


The New York Academy of Medicine, 1216 Fifth Avenue at East 103rd Street. From International House, take the M4 Bus from Broadway. The bus travels across town on 110th Street, and then downtown on Fifth Avenue.  Get off at West 103rd Street and Fifth Aveune. The entrance is on West 103rd Street. There is no entrance on Fifth Avenue.  From Downtown or Brooklyn, you can take the #6 Train Uptown to East 103rd Street. Get off at East 103rd Street and walk west on East 103rd Street toward Central Park to the entrance on East 103rd Street at the Corner of Fifth Avenue.

Note re NYAM: Seminar participants may bring laptops, although we probably won’t be in a space where we will all be able to plug them in; you would have to use battery power.  You may also bring cameras (or phones with cameras) to take natural light, no flash photographs for personal use.  Other than that it is a paper and pencil room still.  It is helpful if participants travel lightly, as it makes it easier to keep track of bags, etc.

There is a café in the building that we can go to for lunch, and there are also lots of other options in the neighborhood if people would like to get out of our building during the lunch break between the morning session with books and Monica Calabritto’s session in the afternoon.


The New York Historical Society is located at 170 Central Park West at 77th Street.  From the Upper West Side, take the # 1 Train to West 79th Street and Broadway and walk south to West 77th Street.  Then turn left and walk three long blocks to Central Park West.


New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. From the Upper West Side, take the # 1 Train Downtown from West 116th Street and Broadway to 42nd Street. If you want to save time, transfer to the #2 or #3 Train Downtown directly across the platform at West 96th Street. Get off at 42nd Street, Time Square.  Walk from Seventh Avenue east to Fifth Avenue along 42nd Street. Turn right on Fifth Avenue. Enter through the main entrance and wait in the Astor Hall for Jessica Pigza.